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We are a professional envelope company based in the London in the Square Mile, offering a high quality service to the Construction Sector.  We have particular expertise in managing integral pre-cast, brick and stonework packages, which on a constricted site where space is a premium, is the key point for completing many construction projects.


We have been involved with many prestigious projects including the Diamond synchrotron, the largest UK-funded scientific facility to be built for over 40 years and the Accordia development in Cambridge which became the first housing scheme to win the Stirling Prize in 2008.


In a market that is not only highly competitive but also under increasing pressure to provide a safe environment for it’s employees (as well as the general public) the need for highly professional contractors has never been higher.  We believe that our many years experience in this industry, our knowledge of the materials and techniques and our commitment to quality will enable us to deliver real added value to any construction project you may be involved with. 


As we are experienced in working with both Designers and Construction Companies we are in an ideal position to ensure that that the brickwork and stonework packages of any project are carried out smoothly and efficiently, to the benefit of all parties concerned.


Through workshops and ongoing consultation we can utilise our in-depth knowledge to assist both Designers and Construction Companies in not only selecting the most appropriate materials and techniques for the work they have to hand, but ensuring continued site liaison with other trades packages – a prerequisite for a successful contract.


Our experienced ‘in-house’ design team can produce enhanced detailing to maintain the aesthetic appearance and through workshops, develop a practical, buildable and affordable solution. When brought into the design process at an early stage, real benefits can be derived through resolution of interface details concurrently with the overall deign.


Bishops Development Ltd has been recognised for providing outstanding quality, notably winning the Brick Awards Best Craftsmanship in 2003 for the Baker Street project, and as Winner in the Brick Awards Craftsmanship 2004 for the Paternoster Square project.


However this is only a snapshot of the range of services we can offer. This profile is therefore the first part in a process to give your organisation the opportunity to look at our Company, meet our experienced personnel and review our track record.

Bishops Development Ltd


18 Holywell Row




Tel: 020 7375 0030

Fax: 020 7375 0017


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